Export Control Consulting License Determination

License Determination

Determine license requirements for ECCNs by country.

Easy and Comprehensive.

ExportWeb provides an easy yet comprehensive method for U.S. exporters to determine:

  • Whether a product bound for a particular country requires a License subject to the Export Administration Regulations (EAR).

  • The relevant reasons for control.

  • Whether License Exceptions are available.

  • If additional information is needed to make the License Determination.

Links to CCL.

  • ExportWeb presents the overall results of the determination with specific explanations for each result and with links to the relevant sections of BIS’s Commerce Control List (CCL) where appropriate.

  • ExportWeb also automatically maintains a secure, confidential history of prior License Determinations, including a user ID, a date and time stamp, and the parameters used for determination (country or countries, and the ECCN number of the product). Retaining this information is vital in establishing internal controls and in demonstrating export compliance to the U.S. Government.

Making a License Determination.

ExportWeb provides a user-friendly way to ascertain the specific information needed to make the License Determination. To make a License Determination, the user must enter a valid ECCN.

  • The company’s user may enter an ECCN or select the ECCN from the company’s secure, confidential Product Database.

  • If the user enters the ECCN, ExportWeb confirms that the ECCN exists in the CCL.

  • If the user does not know the ECCN and the product is not in the company’s Product Database, then the user will need to obtain the ECCN before performing the License Determination. The ECCN can be determined using ExportWeb’s Product Search.

  • ExportWeb provides a drop down list of country names for the user to select the locations of parties involved in the transaction including the export destination and intermediate destinations.

  • ExportWeb allows users to perform a License Determination for an ECCN for all countries listed in the Commerce Country Chart.

License Determination Results.

Once the user inputs the ECCN and country or countries, ExportWeb generates results by country, detailing:

  • Whether a License is required for the export.

  • The relevant reasons for control.

  • All available License Exceptions.

  • Whether the export product is under the jurisdiction of other agencies.

The results page also provides the user with definitions, descriptions and where appropriate, information from the CCL on which the results are based.

BIS licensing for an export may be required based on a particular party to the transaction. ExportWeb's License Determination module does not perform restricted party screening as a part of the License Determination. The user should also screen intended parties to a transaction using ExportWeb’s "Party Screening".