Export Control Consulting Screening

Party Screening

Real-time compliance screening, audit trail, etc.

Screening made simple.

  • Screen by name or any combination of name, country, city, address, or additional aliases.

  • Evaluate whole word, partial word, and phonetic matches easily when you screen or re-screen your parties.

  • Results organized by quality of match, and restricted party list. Links to relevant Federal Register or other government agency documentation for each match are included when available.

  • Upload a single party or your entire database, and screen with one click.

  • Sanctions alert for individuals or entities located in countries targeted by government sanctions progams.

  • Print professionally formatted screening reports to PDF.

  • Create easily-reviewed audit reports of screening activity for one or more parties.

  • Browse and search all screening activity by your users.

We check the lists for you.

  • ExportWeb’s database of the lists of restricted parties is updated within hours to reflect changes to the restricted party lists.

  • We continue to explore new lists important to Exporters and automatically integrate those lists into the software.

  • When changes are found, we can automatically re-screen all of your Parties. We automate your due diligence, so you can export with confidence.